Microalgae-based wastewater treatment for micropollutant removal in swine effluent: High-rate algal ponds performance under different zinc concentrations
Transforming wastewater treatment plants in sustainable units coupled with local economies: Microalgae as resource recovery agents
Chapter 11 – Recent developments and challenges: a prospectus of microalgal biomass valorization
Microalgae from food agro-industrial effluent as a renewable resource for agriculture: A life cycle approach
Bioproducts from microalgae biomass: Technology, sustainability, challenges and opportunities
Spatial analysis of energy indicators and proposition of alternative generation sources for the Brazilian territory
Agro-industrial wastewater-grown microalgae: A techno-environmental assessment of open and closed systems
Contribution of rural settlements to the deforestation dynamics in the Legal Amazon
Land cover changes implications in energy flow and water cycle in São Francisco Basin, Brazil, over the past 7 decades
Environmental performance of microalgae hydrothermal liquefaction: life cycle assessment and improvement insights for a sustainable renewable diesel
Microalgae biomass as a renewable biostimulant: Meat processing industry effluent treatment, soil health improvement, and plant growth
Performance of hydrological models in fluvial flow simulation
Fires dynamics in the Pantanal: Impacts of anthropogenic activities and climate change
Efficiency of technologies to live with drought in agricultural development in Brazil’s semi-arid regions
Valorization of swine wastewater in a circular economy approach: Effects of hydraulic retention time on microalgae cultivation
Technologies for improving microalgae biomass production coupled to effluent treatment: A life cycle approach
Organomineral fertilizers pastilles from microalgae grown in wastewater: Ammonia volatilization and plant growth
A life cycle assessment of energy recovery using briquette from wastewater grown microalgae biomass
Hydrothermal carbonization of microalgae biomass produced in agro-industrial effluent: products, characterization and applications
Microalgal biomass as a biofertilizer for pasture cultivation: plant productivity and chemical composition
Brazilian Cerrado and Soy Moratorium: Effects on biome preservation and consequences on grain production
High-rate algal ponds for effluent treatment and biofilm reactor for biomass production and harvesting
Innovative microalgae biomass harvesting methods: Technical feasibility and life cycle analysis
Rainfall Estimation Methods In The Brazilian Semiarid Region: 30‐Year Evaluation On A Monthly Scale
Reuse of treated municipal wastewater in productive activities in Brazil’s semi-arid regions
Site suitability for photovoltaic energy expansion: A Brazilian’s high demand states study case
Biomass production in high rate ponds and hydrothermal liquefaction: Wastewater treatment and bioenergy integration
Anthropic activities and the Legal Amazon: Estimative of impacts on forest and regional climate for 2030
A review of biochemical and thermochemical energy conversion routes of wastewater grown algal biomass


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